BD Biosciences Workshop

Combined proteomic and genomic single cell profiling
using the BD FACSseqTM cell sorter and BDTM Precise Assays

Speaker: Darren Ellemor
Asia Pacific Product Manager, Research Instrumentation, BD Biosciences

Monday 9th November 13:00 - 14:00

The unique combination of the new BD FACSseq cell sorter and BD Precise Assays (which feature patented Molecular IndexingTM technology) enables a large number of single cells to be analysed accurately, quickly, and affordably, with as much data generated per cell as possible. Additionally, the combined workflow uniquely allows researchers to correlate cell surface phenotype with genetic expression profiles – creating a powerful research tool.

Here we describe the use of the BD FACSseq cell sorter to separate and characterise single cells from a heterogeneous sample, resulting in hundreds of cells being isolated into Precise plates in less than two minutes. The BD FACSseq was designed to greatly simplify cell sorting through the inclusion of two novel innovations: signal detection through total internal reflection, which enables automated instrument alignment, and quad photo diode technology, which enables automated sort setup and monitoring. The BD Precise plates contain the Molecular IndexingTM reagents, which detect gene expression profiles from single cells and tag each cell and transcript with “barcodes” for accurate quantification. This approach allows the mRNAs from thousands of individual cells to be pooled into a single reaction tube for targeted gene expression that can be subsequently deconvoluted by next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis with minimal hands on time, and without the need for additional specific capital equipment. We will present data that demonstrates the value this system can offer to high throughput single cell genomics studies.

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